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Archive for June, 2017

Note: this message is current as of 4:00 PM Monday June 26, 2017.

We are encouraging all of our members to attend the Board of Supervisors meeting tomorrow Tuesday June 27th at 9:00 AM at 400 County Center in Redwood City because they will vote on an agenda item (#4) to approve a contract for up to $313,695 with Vector Airport Systems for an aircraft monitoring system (AMS) at San Carlos Airport.

The AMS includes surveillance cameras between the runway and taxiways (they are currently not operational, pending approval of this contract) that will track aircraft movements and could levy landing fees. (The County has declined to do that so far.) We are very concerned that the data produced by these cameras will be shared indiscriminately and used as part of an automated landing fee assessment plan or retained for years and used for unspecified purposes.


We believe that the most sinister use of these cameras will be to enforce an illegal proposed ordinance, including a mandatory curfew on airport operations. While we have successfully slowed discussion (for good we hope) of this proposal, it is still being held over our heads. We were promised a collaboration on a privacy policy BEFORE the AMS was put into operation, which we insisted would include prohibitions on using the cameras for any curfew enforcement. That collaborative meeting never happened. Instead, we received a completely unacceptable draft last week.

The Board of Directors of the San Carlos Airport Association is opposed to the provisions of agenda item #4. This is a colossal waste of money that could be better spent elsewhere and does nothing to address the Surf Air issue.

We also oppose (for now) the hiring of an additional employee (at $150,000 per year) to sift complaint data, flight track data and to “meet” incoming aircraft to encourage noise abatement compliance (if that was where that was likely to stop we might not be opposed). The supporting documents will take some time to digest and for us to comment intelligently.

We are asking all of our members to attend the Board of Supervisors meeting tomorrow Tuesday June 27th at 9:00 AM at 400 County Center in Redwood City. Please make your presence known to Carol Ford who will be near the entrance as you arrive. We will speak in opposition to portions of item #4.

Your presence is essential to show the Board of Supervisors that we are opposed wasting money on gadgety nonsense that does nothing to address the real problem, which is Surf Air. This is an issue which we largely resolved last month when we brokered an agreement and obtained FAA approval for Surf Air to fly the Bayside Visual Approach as a VFR route until the IFR route is published in 2018.

Please attend if you can. Sorry for the short notice, we just found out this will be on the agenda.

If you can’t attend, please email the Supervisors at these addresses:

Dave Pine dpine@smcgov.org
Carole Groom cgroom@smcgov.org
Don Horsley dhorsley@smcgov.org
Warren Slocum wslocum@smcgov.org
David J. Canepa dcanepa@smcgov.org

Thank you for your continued support of the San Carlos Airport Association. If you haven’t renewed your membership for 2017, please do so at our membership signup form. We need you now more than ever.

Carol Ford, President

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from our friends at NBAA:

Call to Action: Oppose H.R.2997

Dear NBAA Member,

For some time, we have been vigilant, and ready to mobilize, when it comes to the continuing battle over air traffic control (ATC) privatization. The moment for action has arrived, with yesterday’s introduction of H.R.2997 – legislation containing provisions for privatizing ATC – a long-standing priority for the nation’s big airlines.

I am writing to ask you to please take action today to support NBAA’s work to make the business aviation community’s voice heard in the fight against this legislative threat to our industry.

Oppose H.R.2997 to Privatize ATC

Here’s why we must stop this legislation: H.R.2997 proposes to strip control of aviation-system oversight from the public’s elected representatives, and essentially hand control of the system over to a group of private parties, largely unaccountable to Congress.

The citizens, companies and communities relying on general aviation for business, civil services and other needs will be the ones most at risk if this legislation becomes law.

Under the new structure, the private parties would be given sweeping authority to restrict access to airports and airspace, set and collect air transportation taxes, and increase costs for flying. Resources for airports and other infrastructure could be directed away from general aviation. The setup could jeopardize service and access for smaller communities. Perhaps most troubling, the work underway to build a NextGen aviation system could be seriously delayed, while an entire governance structure is disrupted.

Simply put, H.R.2997 embodies a flawed and risky idea, which NBAA and the business aviation community have long opposed. We support implementation of targeted solutions to identified problems to ensure America’s aviation system remains the world’s best in all aspects, for many years to come. What we don’t support is a plan to give away, for free, America’s taxpayer-funded aviation assets to a group of self-interested parties.

We must act immediately to alert Congress to our unified opposition to H.R.2997, as the House of Representatives’ Transportation and Infrastructure Committee has slated the bill for consideration before month’s end.

By contacting your members of Congress today, you can send a message to lawmakers, and help NBAA turn back this legislative threat to everyone in business aviation.

Thank you.
Ed Bolen
President and CEO
National Business Aviation Association

National Business Aviation Association
1200 G Street NW, Suite 1100, Washington, DC 20005 • Tel: 202-783-9000 • info@nbaa.org

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See the following web page from Figure 1 Foundation for details on a $12,500 scholarship for private pilot flight training:


Their description reads:

“We will make you a pilot. No matter your level of experience, we will provide funding through the private pilot check-ride. Materials, and test expenses necessary for the license are covered in this program. The applicant must be a US citizen and over the age of fifteen (15) to apply. We will provide up to $12,500.00 in total funding.

Training at any Figure 1 Foundation approved flight school in the USA.”

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